Mining Journal Intelligence Global Finance Report 2022

The Global Finance Report is an annual comprehensive review of the financing landscape for resources companies produced by Mining Journal Intelligence (MJi). The report provides a combination of data and survey-driven analysis, alongside interviews with leading mining financiers and analysts to track emerging trends in the traditional and non-traditional finance spaces over the past 12 months and looking ahead to the future.


Analysis focused on global equity financing, best-performed stocks and alternative financing solutions draws on data derived from a multitude of sources including Bloomberg, company announcements and interviews with some of the mining industry’s leading financiers.

Key components of the respective sections evaluating the stock exchanges most relevant to the mining industry and investor sentiment in the resources community involve proprietary data generated by the MJi Stock Exchange Rating and Investor Sentiment surveys. With both surveys distributed to the Mining Journal network, the former focuses on the attitudes of respondents from resources companies listed on one of four leading exchanges for the mining industry, while the latter is centered around gauging the temperature of institutional and retail investors investing in mining equities.

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  • Executive summary:The full findings of the report synthesised to brief the industry on the financing landscape and how it looks moving forward.
  • Public equity markets: IPOs and secondary raisings catalogued and analysed.
  • Stock market comparisons: In-depth survey-based analysis around the credentials and regulation of the four exchanges most relevant to the mining sector.
  • Alternative finance solutions: Explore private equity, royalty, and streaming approaches in the next phase of mining funding based on exclusive interviews with leading alternative financiers.
  • Investor sentiment: Results from our global survey of institutional and retails investors gauging attitudes towards investing in the mining space.
  • Best-performed equities: Equities assessed by capital gains and yield.
  • Alternative finance solutions: Explore private equity, royalty and streaming approaches in the next phase of mining funding based on exclusive interviews with leading alternative financiers.






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