World Risk Report - 2019

The World Risk Report 2019 provides a comprehensive annual review of mining risk, including a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction ratings system and an assessment of general business and operating risks and trends.

The World Risk Report 2019 includes:

    A review of the global results and trends from the IRI, including the headlining jurisdiction ratings hierarchy and reference table, which covers the past three years of data. It also incorporates the Opportunity and Permitting indices
    We break down the IRI into the core areas of risk – Legal, Governance, Social, Fiscal and Infrastructure – chapter by chapter, to pick out regional trends and the individual jurisdictions that have recorded the greatest gains and the biggest YoY disappointments for each risk category.
    Separated into Business Risk and Operating Risk, this section is centred on in-depth discussion and visual representation of Risk Level and Ease of Management, without considering geography. Business Risks include Regulation and Commodity substitution, while Geo-technical risks and Social license are examples of Operating Risks. Results include YoY comparisons to track the industry mood around headlining risks.


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